About Us
It's our mission to produce affordable, high quality Angus Beef from humanely pasture raised, 100% local cattle, and to make it available to consumers in the greater Phoenix area.  We want to provide a top quality product while connecting the public to their food source. 

It's our vision to change the way consumers shop, while sharing our passion and enhancing our community.
Our cattle are truly local.
They are exclusively from Arizona, born & bred, from start to finish. They are born on the farm, raised on the farm and fed feed grown on the farm. You know exactly what you're getting and where it's coming from. If you have any doubts, come and see us!

Why Does Local Matter?
You're supporting your local farmers and ranchers and boosting your local economy. 
We're more than just a business.
A family-farm isn't just a business, it's a way of life.  The long hours and often vigorous work require a passion you have to be born with. When hard work and pleasure meet, however, and your hobby is also your job - it's all worth it.

Teamwork is one of the many thing you learn on the farm, as every one in the plays their part to keep the operation running smoothly.  
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Where we're Located
Sandelbay Ranch, is located in the Sonoran Desert, along the banks of the Gila River, nestled at the foot of the Gila Bend Mountain Range, with Woolsey Peak making up part of the property scenic backdrop. The warm, dry climate creates an ideal atmosphere for raising free-range cattle. There are about 300 days of sunshine each year and winter temps rarely dip below freezing.  Located about an hour and a half southwest of downtown Phoenix, the ranch gives consumers the opportunity to get out of town and see where their food comes from, experiencing ranch-life first hand. From the golden sunsets to the green pastures and purple mountains, this ranch is a oasis for cattle and people alike.